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May 24, 2006



Insightful post. I gave you a Thumbs Up!

Richard Petty

Thank you very much indeed for your kind comment.

I was interested to see you website. Much of what you write about is central to the work that we have been engaged in for over three decades, and I would like to make a longer comment once I have been able to read through all of your material.

Kind regards,



Not only an insightful post, but an insightful site as well! I've been reading bits here and there. I've particularly enjoyed your book lists (i.e., consciousness and spirituality) as well as your posts related to the broad range of healing possibilities. I'll have to share your url around.

[Note: "spiritual_emergency" and "spiritual_recovery" are the same individual. The name differs according to which of my own blogs I've most recently updated or logged into.]


You're quite welcome to read through my site, although there is a great deal of material there and it will likely take a while. As based on where some of your interests seem to be, I suggest you start with my "Comments Received" entry on my Spiritual Recovery blog -- it's near the bottom of the Table of Contents.

From there, you might want to move over to my Spiritual Emergency blog and pick and choose your entries according to personal interest. I suspect you would enjoy the entry related to "Kali, The Divine Mother" as well as "The Dark Mater of the Universe".

Meantime, I'm enjoying my foray into your site.



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