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August 12, 2006


Les Posen

Nice commentary, and observations of the direction Apple is heading with Leopard.

Saw it too, and blogged about it in the days after, when others yawned at what they saw in the Leopard preview. Looking in the wrong places.

Here's my link <

Mike Kaufmann

So have I! From and Apple II upgraded to a Plus! But my most memorable moment was seeing a 520C Laptop in a store in Orange County with a film clip of Terminator II playing (boots, clothes, and your motorcycle!). I told the salesman I'd buy the computer if he would include the film clip! It took 2 hours to download and he kept the store open to do it. I took it back to my hotel and charged it up and the next morning showed it to my copilot as we were flying to Chicago. He became a lifetime Mac User on the spot! Of course the battery pooped out before the film clip could finish! Great time in the growth of Apple!

Richard Petty


I don't think that Windows users have a clue what they're missing!

Kind regards,


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