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August 06, 2006



I have read you article conc. CFS of August 06, 2006. My son (at 18) has M.E. for 4 years now. Do you have any advice ? Has has tried a lot of different treatments without any luck and he is very tired. Hope to hear from you.

Fondly, Lisbeth, Norway

Richard Petty

Dear Lisbeth,

Thank you so much for writing.

I apologize for the delay in responding: I was out of the country - and cyberspace - for part of October.

I don't like to try and diagnose or advise on the treatment of anyone that I have not seen and evaluated personally.

With the greatest possible respect to colleagues around the world, I always like to check the "diagnosis" myself, as well as constructing a time line of symptoms, life events and treatments.

I put quotation marks around "diagnosis" because I am more conerned with the person and his or her individual symptoms. Categorical diagnoses can be helpful in guiding prognosis and treatment, but they can sometimes also be a strait jacket that constricts out thinking about the best way to help someone.

Without dong tha full evaluation I cannot offer specific advice.

I do wish your son the very best. Though CFS and ME may sometimes be important catalysts to personal growth, as I suspect if happening with Ken Wilber, they can also put enormous strain on a person and his family.

Kind regards,


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