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September 27, 2006



At last some sense. There is also a link between hearing voices and demonic activity....and this kind of link is increasing...I would like to gather data concerning sane people falsely diagnosed mentally ill because they hear voices, whether controlling or otherwise....and who have been forced to take medication and/or reside in hospitals for the mentally ill because the medical fraternity is unwilling to accept that some humans hear voices, and they are intelligent, sane beings, not in need of medical intervention, but often would benefit from an understanding, knowledgeable, scripture based priest. In New Zealand as in other countries occult activities are on the increase and as a result there has been a corresponding rise in those hearing voices, whether permanently or intermitantly......I am a Christian concerned at the injustice of those sane persons being treated as mentally ill, and I would like to see whether those incarcerated persons would respond to a skilled priest removing the possible cause of the problem......This is obviously not the root cause in some cases, but my limited experience thus far has shown that it could be a major factor which is on the increase.....for those sufferers anything is worth a shot. I know several ultra sane persons, including a dedicated priest who has 'voices' and in all cases former activities have led them open to spirit attack, giving the appearance of mental, data on those confined with hearing voices and diagnosed as mentally ill......then, data on those who were helped or relieved of the voices after working with a suitably qualified deliverer.........

All help and thoughts appreciated.....

Richard Petty

Dear Avryll,

Thank you so much for writing: you make some important points.

I have written elsewhere about the consternation caused by a number of referrals from the clergy and genuine psychics, which usually began with, "I am not sure if this person is psychotic or possessed."

Teasing apart the psychological and spiriual manifestations of a problem is tricky. That being said, I know many superb psychiatrists on five continents who have all told me about seeing people who were simply manifesting evil.

I may have mentioned in the past that when I first came to the United States, I stipulated that I needed a chaplain on my unit,simply becuase I had so valued their input when I was in Europe. I had some great ones, of many different denominations, and they all brought something special to the care of people whom we were trying to help.

The key is to ensure that the clergy also have a firm grounding in psychology.

Although I cannot prove it, there seem to be increasing numbers of people who hear voices or see things. Their experiences are often very different from the experiences typical of people with psychotic illnesses.

The key point remains that no psychiatrist would want to diagnose and treat someone simply because they are "hearing voices." It is a common phenomenon, and the majority of people who hear voices do not have any form of mental illness.

Kind regards,


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