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September 15, 2006


Gwyneth Moss

Thank you for Quantum Flapdoodle. I am now a psychological therapist in private practice working with techniques that are mostly beyond the pale of scientific acceptability. I am also a Cambridge Natural Sciences graduate and studied quantum mechanics at the Cavendish Laboratory. I cringe when I read the sort of claims and assertions of "quantum truth" that you refer to. However I do feel that we have reached a state of "that's all very well in practice but does it work in theory?". One day maybe I'll polish up my very rusty maths and dive once again into my old text books because I have an instinct that what I studied long ago does explain what I see happening before my eyes now. But no claims can be made until someone does get to that deep mathematical level with theory and then verify in practice. With best wishes,

Richard Petty

Dear Gwyneth,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write. We are clearly of one mind: many of us have spent years trying to sort out some of the theory to support our daily observations.

I've posted some reading lists at Amazon that you can also access from the left hand panel of the blog.

I liked your website. You may have noticed that I've written a bit about the "Tapping therapies," that can sometimes be so remarkably effective.

Kindest regards,


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