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September 03, 2006



Last night on the CBC radio I heard a story about the epigenome that discussed the same studies and principles you bring up in your article. My first reaction was - duhhh yeah, of course that's how it happens, and then I suddenly got exited, I realized that traditional science was venturing into homeopathic miasmatic theory.

Miasmatic Theory created By Samuel Hahneman explains that the illnesses, experiences, and states of previous generations affect the health and expression of present generations. That it is from these states that our propensity for chronic disease is established and passed on to future generations. And only by treating a person on the miasmatic level can true permanent health be achieved.

Diseases such as syphilis, gonorhea, tuberculinum and cancer have all left a genetic and energetic imprint that is passed on. Today we see new diseases changing human expression such as AIDS.

for more information you can read Chronic Diseases by Hahneman.

Richard Petty

Dear Ananda,

You've picked up on what I am trying to emphasize on this blog: that the Laws of Healing have been gradually changing over the last century and that there is ever greater convergence of science and less conventional forms of medicine. Many of which are becoming more effective with the passage of time.

The point that you raise about miasms is a good one. The original three were all supposed to follow from an infection, but we are now identifying other miasms. Were they always there? Possibly, but probably not: they are emerging as we are changing as a species. And epigenetics do indeed present us with a mechanism for passing on acquired characteristics.

And another convergence with homeopathy: if you don't deal with those acquired characteristics, you will be left with a chronic condition that will morph as it becomes more chronic.

Kind regards,


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