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January 02, 2007


Rosemary Campbell

There may be many reasons for dreams as stated but I know from first hand experience that Spirits from beyond the Veil of Death such as our deceased Relatives and others use dreams to transmit messages to us.
I also know from this source that Dreams can be premonitions and looks into the future and through Dreams those in the Spirit World can take us back in time and interject themselves into our Dreams just as though they had never died and cause us to feel happy or sad as they help us remember personal times when they were here on Earth.
I am trying to keep this Scientific and not Religious because of many people's beliefs.
I know personally from dealing with Spirits as their Channel to Earth that when the body on Earth Dies the Spirit Leaves the body and takes with it all its intelligence and memories good and bad and from the Spirit World they are free to get back into our thoughts and communicate with us.
Few people believe these things but I am hoping to encourage more people to try spirit communication and learn these things for themselves and then we can all further research and deal with Evolution and Craetion and all the things that people ponder.

Rosemary Campbell

I have never posted here and do hope my last post was received.
I find your page very interesting and thought it the perfect place to voice my thoughts on some types of dreams.

Rosemary Campbell

I have learned from my Guides in the Afterlife much like Psychic Edgar, who was known as the sleeping clairvoint many things about health, againg and all sorts of things.
For Example I have learned how to put together a Baking Mix which I turn into bread which washes away the grey in my Hair.
My Formula may not work for all hair colors but it does work for me and keeps my brown hair from being grey and if I eat other things and turn it Grey I can restore it to its younger color by eating the breads and cereals I put together from the Knowledge I have gained from this Source in the Spirit World beyond the Veil of Death.

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