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January 02, 2007



I have several friends who have "hazel" eyes, and I have noticed that their eye color changes a lot. Sometimes they look light brown, sometimes they look green and sometimes they look gray. I had thought these changes had to do with the lighting, but maybe there is something else involved.

I know one family in which the mother, father and their 7 children all have hazel eyes, which change color a lot. However, I also know one girl who has hazel eyes, and neither of her parents have hazel eyes. Her mother has brown eyes, but her father's eyes are gray. But the girl did tell me her father's eyes sometimes look green or blue, too.


I have been told on more than one occasion that if I am either very happy or excited about something or get upset or angry that my eye colour changes from hazel to yellow. At least for people who know me it gives them a warning if I'm cross about something.

Richard Petty

Thank you Jackie and Louisa for those VERY interesting comments.

It is fascinating that both of you have noticed these changes in hazel colored eyes. That seems to be the most common obersation, though I've also observed it myself in some people with blue eyes and and a few Asians with deep brown eyes.

The switch from hazel to yellow as a barometer of mood is exceptionally interesting. It is amazing that there is so little research on something so important.

Kind regards,



i just wanted to ask really can i change my eyes color permanently?noww??is it possible?pls tell me if i can whhat should i do or go where?can i?...

Debra Martin

My mothers eyes were light brown. She recently passed away after battling with alzheimers disease for about 7 years. The past 6 or 7 years her eyes always looked brownish with a green spec but had a cloud bloodshot gaze to them. She recently passed away and after she passed her whites of her eyes were white as snow and her eye color was a beautiful blue like my daughter and sister. What I would like to know is can your eyes change from brown to blue after death?

Anne Saphore

My father recently passed away after suffering from Dementia, however I noticed before he died that his eyes had changed from dark brown to blue. Does this have something to do with dementia - he had been taken off all medication a while before he passed.

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