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January 09, 2007


Steven Sashen

Here's an example where "snap" decision making may not be useful: most people read about a study such as the one you describe here and leap to the conclusion that they should simply trust their "gut feelings."

But this study describes a very specific type of pre-conscious processing related to visual information.

And, as you correctly contend, this is an evolutionarily valuably ability.

However, the question of how this relates to decisions about, say, future happiness, or creating optimal outcomes is still up in the air.

And, from my reading, the studies that attempt to address those questions are rarely as will crafted as would be necessary to come to a meaningful conclusion.

But, hey, writing this whole mini-missive was simply what my gut told me to do ;-)

Richard Petty

Dear Steven,

Thank you so much for your comment.

Happily I agree with everything that you say, and let em reiterated what I said in my last paragraph: to balance instinctive and intuitive reactions with sound reasoning.

Kind regards,


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