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February 18, 2007


Reg Adkins

Dr. Petty,
What are your thoughts on the concept of differentiating instruction based on gender. I've been conducting trainings on this topic (I can send you the course descriptions if you're interested) for the past several months and I think another perspective would be enlightening.
Thank you,
Reg Adkins

Richard Petty

Dear Reg,

Do you mean in people with ADD?

There are enormous gender differences between boys and girls and men and women with ADD, and they need very different approaches in all five domains.

Kind regards,



Dr Petty, I thought I would pass this along for your comments.
Guanfacine no more effective than a placebo

Richard Petty

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for sending this. I had seen the original paper.

I wasn't surprised to see that guanfacine was ineffective in this study of PTSD. The study design looked quite good to me, and I think that we can trust the results. The difficulty is the concept. The idea was that since there is some data on the use of propranolol in acute PTSD, that attacking the norepinephrine system from this direction might be effective. But the most recent data have suggested that the biochemical disturbances in PTSD are rather more subtle.

I don't think that it's going to have any impact on the FDA's deliberations concerning guanfacine and ADD.

Kind regards,


Reg Adkins

I regret the long delay. I have been deployed on crisis teams for the past months. Yes, ADD accross gender; but not only gender but variences in interpretation of the essence of ADD in people of color as well.

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