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February 25, 2007


Ali Riza SARAL

Just a wish...

Your opinion on
the function of thinking speed in cognition...

May be abstraction???
May be regulating the mood?
May be adjusting the thinking depth???

Merci Monseur!!! Tres tres merci!

Richard Petty

What an exceptionally interesting set of questions!

I think that the data most strongly supports the notion that thinking speed is related to abstraction: the fast thinker can examine more aspects of a problem, but there is almost certainly a "depth" issue as well. The quick thinker will likely also probe more deeply into each aspect.

From the small amount of data that we have, the effects on mood are most likely to be secondary.

There is some more research that should be out soon, and I shall report on it as soon as it arrives.

Kind regards,


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