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March 25, 2007


Reg Adkins

I never tire of this topic. I absolutely believe God does answer prayers! But, what I'm not certain everyone realizes is that sometimes the answer is "Yes," sometimes the answer is "Not right now," and sometimes the answer is "No."
Keep up your great work!

Richard Petty

Dear Reg,

Thank you VERY much for your comment.

I think that you are quite correct, and that is what I was trying to say: we need to listen rather than telling a Higher Power what to do.

Which strikes me as a bit presumptious!

Kind regards,


Kate Frenda

If we think of God as love, and we consider that this world was made by love, for love, then our prayers offered in love will bear fruit, even if it's not ultimately the outcome we desire. And if we see what we do as a act of prayer, whether it's treating patients through medical procedures, or washing dishes, it's part of the same continuium of bringing love to the world, of flowing in the river of God. How then do we separate our acts of love from our prayers in terms of outcome? Very often we are so focussed on the outcome, but the process itself is the blessing. It is good to pray, and it is natural to pray, to seek Love's best. As Hildegarde of Bingen wrote in the 11th Century "no warmth is ever wasted."

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