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March 04, 2007


Reg Adkins

Great bit, I love quotes.I'm sending this over to the "tips" section of Lifehacker. If they've any taste for value they'll pick it up.

Richard Petty

Dear Reg,

Thank you so much for commenting.

I share your love of quotations: I have almost 35,000 of them!

They can teach us so much, and perhaps help us avoid all the same mistakes!

Kind regards,


Jason Sadler

I recently finished a book by Guy Kawasaki called "Rules for Revolutionaries" and he had a few of these quotes. It's pretty funny to see some of predictions people made.

Richard Petty

Dear Jason,

I haven't seen Guy's book yet: thank you for the tip!

It truly is amazing how many of the predictions were so far off. As you will have seen, I decided to stick with the predictions of the great and the good. If they can be so far off, what about the rest of the pundits?!

Kind regards,


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