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March 08, 2007


Kevin J. Leonard

Hi there:

We have started a new blog within the last 5 weeks called Patient is all about patient empowerment and the need for all of us,
but especially those with a chronic illness or condition, must have
unfettered access to our own personal health information and control over
the privacy of the very personal information therein.

We are now reaching out to other healthcare and related blogs for your
support, encouragement and a sense of community! This health community is
being created via TheGoodBlogs where you have been selected to be part of 20
"public blogs". We will continue to promote your efforts on an on-going
basis as we truly believe in the efforts that you have taken so far to make
as many in-roads as possible. You may choose to do the same with the others
by going to TheGoodBlogs and creating an account - you will get the widget
at their site. And on it grows...

Thanks so much for all of your efforts!

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