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July 02, 2007



Thanks for trying to make me feel better. Having experienced this whole thing first hand and still being amazed at the changes that are occurring with my body, I bet there are many, many factors and not just one.

Richard Petty

Dear Carol,

I am sure that you are correct, and the precise group of causes will undoubtedly vary from woman to woman.

But one of the reasons that I so like the toxin/protection theory is that we seem to be the only creatures that get morning sickness, and in most people it also just happens to coincide with the most vulnerable period of brain development. Something else that sets us apart from most other species.

Doctors who came for training from far flung corners of the former Empire, would often comment that morning sickness was fairly uncommon in sub-Saharan Africa ad the Indian subcontinent. I could not find any credible research to back up those observations. But if true, it might be that less nourished people cannot afford to vomit the little food that they have. Or perhaps their food contains fewer toxins that trigger the defense systems into action.

There are a couple of interesting papers:
the first a review of the data that morning sickness if adaptive and prophylactic:

The second which did not find an association between no morning sickness and fetal abnormalities, but admits to being limited and needing replication:

I do hope that it stops soon!

All the best,


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