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September 10, 2007


Lloyd Rowe

Increased dexterity is linked to diversification of brain lateralisation. Prime cross hemisphere brain activity is learning. Potential of increase or new, dimensional learning abilities in high dexterity individuals can be correlated with the abilities of historical geniuses. Proof: Sporting "Naturals" with enhanced genetic dexterity abilities can learn a specific sport/sports at a hyper increased rate with superior task execution. Link: original tool usage survival tasks. Skull cracking, bringing down prey and warding off predators. Tools a rock and a stick. Study of handedness in some sports shows incresed level of dexterity in tennis and baseball. both sports mimmic original survival tasks. Risk : In individuals with high intelligence and increased dexterity there is documented greater potential of phisiological damage. Many geniuses have higher susceptibility to addictions,psycosis and schizophrenia. Maybe humanity in general, are not yet smart enough to handle a hyper lateralised brain. The phisical signature of which is increased dexterity. As these causes and effects are relevant to the individual concerned and are not scientifically discernable. The how,why and eventual understanding are vital.

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