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January 05, 2008



Dr Petty, it amazes me how often you write about a subject that is something that I am doing in my life. I started my project by collecting pictures of the lives of my wife and myself. Pictures are very powerful in stimulating the memory. I am now in process of trying to find a program that organizes the information.

Jerry Waxler

I'm so glad I found your thought provoking blog on meaning and mental health. I believe people are starting to catch on to the value of life story writing which accounts for the surge in scrapbooks, blogs, and memoirs. Check out my blog on memory writing for essays, memoir book reviews and tips, and encouragement.
Warm regards,
Jerry Waxler

Matt Metzgar

This is a great post! It shows how important stories are, that people would write their stories with little time to live.

I wonder what the evolutionary connection is here? Maybe passing on stories help the family/tribe survive?

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